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In my teenage years, I was fascinated about yogis, saints, and spiritual masters. Eager to learn about their supernatural powers and ability to defy the law of physics, I spent quite some time earnestly looking for books about it.

I still remember it vividly, it was around the late eighties that I was so lucky to find an old copy of this heartwarming book stored away in a dusty corner of a second-hand bookstore.

The one and the only author of this marvelous book is Paul Brunton. Actually, that’s his pen name; his real name is Raphael Hurst. Trained in the metaphysical art of positive thinking and timing, Brunton, chose for himself a new name when he wrote this book. His choice was Paul Brunton, a concoction elegantly thought. He was a British journalist but later left his journalistic career to live and study among yogis, mystics, and holy men.

He is widely recognized as having introduced yoga and meditation to the West. Though this stunning book was originally published in 1934, it continues to be extremely popular until today.

What is this book all about?

The spellbinding book contains 312 pages and it is the most fascinating and exciting story of Paul Brunton’s journey in India in the early 1930s. 

As he wanders through India, eager to find out if real holy men, yogis and lightened masters exist, he meets a high number of revered yogis, sages and also charlatans.

There are many great passages of awesome teachings from gurus he encountered, and amusing tales of his journey. 

His relentless search brings him at the end of the book to Sri Ramana Maharshi, a renowned spiritual teacher. 

He spends much time with him and eventually finds in him the spiritual master he was searching for. He honestly found the tranquility and peace that comes with self-knowledge when he studied with the great sage.

Things I like about "A Search in Secret India."

The incredible book was a real treat for me. Oh, what a joy it was! Fabulous tales, great people, intimate places, and extraordinary experiences, I undoubtedly found everything I looked for, even beyond my mere expectations.

I love the author’s style of writing with great passion and admiration, at times poetic, detailed but not too much to picture the scenery as the tales unfold.Worth mentioning is that this fascinating book is written in classical English style from times gone by.

The experiences of Paul Brunton reflects just how much we have to learn about our abilities to move beyond the physical world which we quite often think is our only realm of existence.

What others think about this book

A journey into Indian spirituality before it was known to the West. To read this book is like taking a journey of discovery with one of the first Western pioneers, finding pretenders as well as real adepts in the spiritual jungles and plains of India. – By Karl Riley

I Loved it. For all intelligent readers who like to see proof of what eyes cannot see. “If it cannot be seen, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.” Everything needs to be explored (that’s worth exploring) before rejecting. Paul Brunton’s incredible trip and awakening in a life packed into one masterpiece. – By Pankaj Pandey.


An intriguing book for all the spiritual thrill-seekers out there. The fantastic book is also a great read for “non-believers”. You should know that the author, full of humor and wisdom, didn’t take anything for granted; he conducted his search with a healthy skepticism while keeping an open mind.

I must say that you better watch out for yourself, after reading this book your point of view will undoubtedly change for a lifetime. Hope you enjoyed my “A Search in Secret India” review, if you want more information or would like to purchase Paul Bruton’s book, kindly click on one of the link below;

This book review is written by Ray.

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