Aurorae Classic Yoga Mat Review

The Classic Yoga Mat in Illuminating Colors is the flagship eco-friendly ¼” thick yoga mat of Aurorae Yoga. 

If you are on a tight bugdet and don’t want to dig any deeper into your pocket buying a yoga mat, then Aurorae Classic Yoga Mat could be your best choice.

This yoga mat sells at a very affordable price very reasonable to any yogi including beginners.

With a price around $35, this price is incomparable to the cost of most yoga mats out there that sells as high as $100 and even higher. 

Thickness for comfort and extra cushioning

Aurore classic yoga mat measures 0.25 inch in thickness with specially designed memory foam. It is ultra thick to provide protection to your joints, knees, back, while still allowing you to grip tightly on the floor for balance which boosts comfort. It features a rising moon focal point icon that guards against slipping with the slip free rosin material.

Colors for personalization

Aurorae Classic Yoga Mat comes in twelve different illuminating colors for easier usage at night and to give you all the freedom you need to personalize your mat. 

The colors include sea mist, royal plum, infinity, hope, crown, Cameroon green, solar, ruby red, ocean, earth, violet, and midnight. 

The wide variety of colors allows you to go for a color that will offer a helping hand when it comes to concentration and calming.

Aurorae Yoga Mat colors

Product features and specifications

• Created from thick, unique memory foam
• A two-time top seller with price starting as low as $35.00
• Free of latex, phthalates, chemicals and is SGS approved
• Durable and long lasting with 2- full year guarantee.
• Available in a broad range of illuminating colors
• Slip free rosin and Service Award winner.

The Reviews

Reviews from renown reviewers who test different types of yoga mats swear by the fascinating features of this mat. A yoga professional on highly recommended this product by saying “ I have tested about 15 different yoga mats, and none of them are spectacular. One may be too thick; another too thin, many of them smell like rubber/chemicals, and some too slippery. Until I encountered the Aurorae classic yoga mat with the slip-free towel attached. I’ve used the mat about seven times since I bought it, and it has absolutely no smell whatsoever.

Crowds of yoga enthusiasts out there love Aurorae classic yoga mat with passion and admiration. And, this has earned the product a lot of good praises and overly high ratings. 

Spotting a single negative review about this product is hard. However, in our study, we found some people saying that Aurorae classic yoga mat attracts cat hairs.

But this was not a significant issue, a customer suggested an easy and quick way to alleviate this problem by saying,

After each workout, I usually wipe it down with a damp cloth and let it dry before rolling it up. Even with daily use, the mat remains clean and doesn’t attract cat hairs. ’’


During our research, we found that many people out there are much concerned about the slippage of this product when they sweat. To solve this problem, Aurorae also sell a slip free rosin bag and a yoga mat wash. Both of them help maintain the yoga mat’s gripping power.


Here’s the bottom line; If you are looking for an affordable yoga mat without compromising on comfort, stability, support, grip, cushioning, portability, personalization, ease of maintenance, and overall quality, then you need no other mat other than the Aurorae classic yoga mat. At a price around 35 dollars, it is truly a real bargain for those who are on a tight budget.

The brand also understands how unique each yogi is, and that’s why it provides a wide variety of colors which defining desire, warm, passion, exciting, energy, spontaneous, powerful, and courage.

This is truly the most excellent choice that puts all the other options to daylight shame when it comes to affordability and customization.

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