Aurorae Premium Yoga Mat with Integrated Towel

Aurorae Premium Yoga mat integrated towel 1The Aurorae Premium yoga mat towel is the original yoga towel combination, and it’s set the bar high for other mat towels. It was specially designed for discerning practitioners of hot yoga such as Bikram, Moksha, or hot Vinyasa, and is a convenient, highly functional mat towel ideal for students and teachers alike.


It can be scary when you’re trying to hold downward dog and your hands slip forward from under you. This mat towel was designed to prevent that from ever happening.

The surface of the mat towel is made from a non-slip microfiber, which works better the wetter it gets. It grips hands and feet firmly, so that you won’t have to worry about slipping or injury.

Aurorae suggests spritzing the mat with water before the start practice to prevent sliding if you have dry hands and feet.


It can be problematic packing both a towel and a yoga mat to take to a hot class, then wiping down your mat and washing your towel.

This mat towel gives hot practitioners the best of both worlds, with its grippy microfiber towel top surface and sticky bottom surface. The mat towel securely grips the floor, whether it’s hardwood or carpet.

After practice, the mat towel can be washed in the washing machine on a warm water cycle, with double rinse. Squeeze, then hang to dry.


The mat comes in four beautiful solid colors: sapphire, amethyst, emerald, onyx, and lapis. The elegant Aurorae logo is printed on one end.

The towel mat appears to just be a towel, with its microfiber surface and textile edge binding, but it delivers all the functionality of a mat with its sticky bottom surface. The towel mat lays flat on the floor without bunching or buckling, and after repeated washings, the edges don’t curl up as they can on other mats.


Aurorae has a US Patent on this mat towel, it’s that unique.

• 72″ x 24″
• 5mm thick
• Approximately 3 pounds
• Ultra absorbent microfiber towel surface
• Non-slip and non-bunching
• Long lasting
• Latex, silicone, rubber and phthalate free
• Odor free
• Specially designed for hot yoga

The Reviews

Students and teachers alike love this mat, and have given it rave reviews across the internet. It’s been rated with an impressive 4.7 on with 1,200 plus reviews.

aurorae-synergy-yoga-mat-towelIt has stood out particularly for its grippines. One user writes, “I get more out of my practice because now I don’t have to worry about sliding around, adjusting towels, or readjusting my poses because I’m slipping out of (them).”

And many users comment on how easy it is to clean. A newer practitioner commented that “The quality is amazing, and cleaning it is a breeze!” And on the Aurorae website, users have given the mat a 5 out of 5.

Some reviewers found that the mat towel took a long time to dry because the microfiber is so dense. The manufacturer recommends a double rinse cycle before air drying, which may help to fix this issue. Alternatively, some users purchased two mat towels, so that they always have one in rotation.


The Aurorae Premium yoga combination mat towel was the first, and is possibly the best yoga mat towel. It will support you in your practice without letting you slip or slide while trying to hold poses in hot yoga sessions, which is the biggest concern for any yogi.

Since you won’t be worrying about falling or injury, this towel mat may really help you advance your practice by letting you concentrate on your form.

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