Bheka Breeze Inflatable Round Zafu

The Bheka Breeze Zafu is an inflatable, portable and superior chair cushion that is both traditional and contemporary. The inflatable cushion is designed to offer firm, lightweight support to those who want to practice meditation while on the go. The cover is made from durable 100% cotton twill and it has a handle that enables easy carrying.

It has a size of about 14m wide 8m tall when it is fully inflated and when more compressed and lightly inflated the size goes to 16m wide by 6 m tall. Either way, its weight is about 1 pound.

Used on any chair that you can sit on for longer periods of time in order to reduce the back strain caused by the static inflexible positions

With a slightly rounded top, the Bheka Breeze Zafu Inflatable cushion is able to move with you just like a ball chair when you move. Other than sitting on it in meditation poses on a chair, it can also be used as a chair cushion at the dinner table, at work or anywhere else.

When used as a chair cushion, the Breeze Zafu will help you have an active spinal, core and hip flexion, the whole day. This is useful when it comes to alleviating back pain that is caused by a weak core and also holding one position for longer periods during the day.

Flexible support is what you need for your lower back health and to achieve that you need the Breeze Zafu cushion.

Product Features and Specifications

Separate Covers and Inserts

The Bheka Breeze Zafu Inflatable sit cushion has separate covers and inserts available for those who want variety or would like to sew their own covers for the insert. Due to ethical reasons, their seven phthalate free inserts gets sourced from China while the covers are sourced from Mother India. You should wash the covers on a gentle cycle then air dry them. Inserts can be cleaned using your favorite disinfecting cleanser.

Easy and Simple to Inflate

Filling this cushion is simple and easy. It will take you about 2 minutes if you are using a little foot pump and it will be even quicker if you are using your mouth or a mechanical inflator. This cushion is safe and can be used by people who weigh up to 300 pounds.


The customer reviews range from cool product, perfect zafu, awesome for travel to solid product and easy to inflate. There was one customer that had a hard time sitting on a fully inflated cushion but found comfort in a half inflated one. 

There are not many customer reviews for this product on Amazon  However, going by its superior quality and features, there is no doubt that the Bheka Breeze Inflatable Zafu is a promising product that will make you be the envy at the next mediation class.

The best thing about this cushion is that you can fold it up to a smaller size than a yoga block to offer easy storage and transportation.


Bheka Breeze 2Bheka Breeze 3

With its easy transportation and storage, the Bheka Breeze Inflatable Zafu provides a great alternative to the traditional cotton cushions. Its extremely lightweight and inflatable sit cushion makes it an excellent choice for a sit cushion. The adjustable firmness provides excellent back support.

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