Bikram Yoga Weight Loss

Can you lose weight with Bikram Yoga? No doubt about it, it is a great way to lose weight. Bikram Yoga a.k.a. Hot Yoga will not only make you lose weight, but it will help you prevent diseases as well.

If you start Hot Yoga without thoroughly finding out how it can be done in a safe way, you can get injured. It is important that you do some Yoga first before going into Hot Yoga. If you won’t be able to handle Yoga, you will most likely need a lot of help if you want to try Hot Yoga.

Although it is not recommended for beginners; you can try Hot Yoga if you are physically active in other sports/form of exercises even if you don’t have prior Yoga experience. Your body is used to working extremely hard giving you an advantage compared to those who don’t have any form of exercise or Yoga experience. So …

1. Lose weight with Bikram Yoga possible?

Yes, because yoga already helps you maintain a good weight and doing yoga in a high temperature setting, it is for sure, you are going to lose more weight then in a regular yoga class.

1. Do not be late

Arriving early in class lets you choose a spot that will make you feel comfortable. You also do not want to distract others who are already poses if you come in late.

2. Is it a safe way to lose weight?

Yes, but you must ask your doctor first how much weight you need to lose and where to stop. Do not try to starve yourself to speed up your weight loss. Doing Hot Yoga on a empty stomach can make your feel dizzy.

2. Pick the right instructor

Especially that you are new, you still need a lot of guidance and supervision. Picking an instructor who makes you feel uncomfortable will not do you good and it may also distract your learning.

3. How fast can I lose weight doing Hot Yoga?

It will make you lose weight in gradual and healthy way as long as you follow the guideliness of your yoga instructor and your doctor’s advice as well. In addition don’t forget to listen to the signals of your own body.

3. Find out if they are certified

Make sure that the instructor has received proper training to teach Hot Yoga. Talk to others and find out more about their experiences and then decide what to do next.

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