Celebrities Who Meditate

Meditation is a practice that relaxes and calms the mind by encouraging it to slow down and produce positive impacts on the body and soul. Many celebrities – actors, musicians and comedians, leads a high stress life and practice meditation to deal with the daily pressures of their hectic life.

Most celebrities opt for Transcendental Meditation and some are even trained by the developer of the technique, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. In Transcendental meditation, mantra is used and is practiced 15 to 20 minutes per day while sitting with one’s eye closed. The following celebrities greatly enjoy and attest to the benefits of meditation.

Katy Perry

katy-perry-hikingKaty Perry, the singer of ‘I Kissed a Girl’ starts the day with Transcendental Meditation. According to her, it puts her in good mood as she meditates for 20 minutes in her bed after waking up. It is the only time during the day that her mind is at absolute rest and peace.
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Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman loves meditation. When he is meditating, he can let go of everything. He is not an actor, father or husband; he is just a peaceful and focused person. He feels that he is just plummeting in a powerful energy that created everything. According to him, he is just bathing in calmness.

Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell mediates for 10 minutes every morning. According to her, meditation can help with any problem that you might experience, whether it is boy problem, road rage or work pressure. Meditation allows one to work through every problem.

Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood is an avid supporter of Transcendental meditation. He has been practicing it for nearly 40 years and considers it as a great tool for anyone to deal with stress and pressure.

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman likes to meditate, usually Transcendental meditation. She started meditating in her early 20s and learned the benefits of it quickly. Ever since, she tries to do it every day, from 20 to 30 minutes. She has meditation apps on her phone with a timer, which shows how many people are meditating at that very moment.

Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes is a huge practitioner of meditation, especially Transcendental meditation. According to her, it helps create a sense of balance and creates serenity and calmness of mind.

Gwyneth Paltrow

gwyneth-paltrowGwyneth Paltrow has been meditating since 2010 and simply loves it. She was inspired by the idea and made it her New Year’s Resolution, one that she kept. She found it to be a source of peace, awareness and contentment.
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Naomi Watts

foto-naomi-wattsNaomi Watts stays calm and tranquil through meditation. Transcendental meditation helps her remain steady and serene. It greatly helps her with her health and busy schedule.

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