Celebrities Who Became Yoga Teachers

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You may daydream or think about teaching yoga and you would be surprised to know that you have plenty of company, not only from regular people like you but also from Hollywood celebrities and stars. There are many famous celebrities that have strengthened their commitment and devotion to yoga by taking their practice to the next level by becoming certified yoga teachers.  

Celebrities have hectic and busy schedules and they welcome the chance of exploring their yoga practice at a profound level that a teacher training demands. Many celebrities feel that teaching yoga keeps them grounded physically and emotionally. Hence, many celebrities have gone beyond the traditional practicing of yoga to becoming teachers and instructors. It may be tough to take celebrities as serious yoga teachers but they are as dedicated as anyone else. Here are a few celebrities that became yoga teachers.


Demi Moore

Following her divorce from Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore undertook a three day workshop to get her Kundalini teaching certification at Nine Treasures Yoga studio in West Hollywood. 

It has greatly helped her with dealing with the messy break up, strengthening her at the core of her being. Training program provides you with a fresh perspective on the trauma suffered by the soul, a positive perspective. You can transform your pain into an insight with better alignment to your truth.

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Emma Watson

Emma Watson, the famous Harry Potter actress, became certified to teach meditation and yoga in 2013 as a means of coping and dealing with the problems of life. She wanted to feel safe, centered and connected with herself as she can’t rely on a physical location due to her work schedule. 

Yoga is a practice that helps you dwell within you, feeling focused and calm even when continuously on move. The training in the foundation of the yoga practice provides a deep sense of stability.

Kristin Davis

Kristin Davis has been an Ashtanga yoga teacher in Los Angeles long before she became famous for her role as Charlotte on Sex and the City. She started doing yoga in her 20s and has been at it for almost three decades. 

Teaching yoga was her plan B if the acting career did not work out. She has been teaching other actors yoga for a while now. She feels that yoga training has provided her with more clarity and it’s an amazing and magical transformation.

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Ryan Kwanten

Ryan Kwanten, the True Blood & Northmen a Viking Saga actor, has concrete believe in the power of a good Vinyasa flow; hence he completed 400 hours of training to become a certified yoga teacher. 

He loves the fact that he can spend an hour not worrying about anything or anyone else, simply teaching others to achieve the same level of calmness and focus. Training challenged him, teaching how to use the practice to deal with obstacles to complete contentment – anxiety, stress and worry.

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