Dr. Oz’s Beginners Yoga Lesson

Yoga is more than bending and stretching. It is physical exercise but it also has mental and emotional effects, which are equally important. The essence of yoga exists at the intersection of the heart, mind and body. A good yoga program offers a creative environment for improving coordination, flexibility and mindfulness. You don’t have to practice like an expert to benefit from yoga; you can practice it for ten minutes a day to improve your flexibility, breathing and balance.

dr ozIn fact, you can start with the following basic beginner yoga exercise as defined by Dr. Oz. Dr. Mehmet Oz is a health expert with his own TV show. He is a cardiothoracic surgeon and an author.

Prayer Pose

You should bring your hands in front of your heart in a conventional praying position. Dr. Oz recommends saying Namaste which means the divine within me recognizes the divine within you. During the entire exercise, ensure to breathe deeply to fill your lungs with oxygen and nitric oxide from your nose.
Pointed Mountain Pose

This exercise, also called reaching for the stars, uses your own body weight for resistance. It increases flexibility and increases blood circulation to warm the body for deeper poses that need more strength. Stand and reach up to sky with your hand together and glance up with your shoulders pulled away from your ears.

Toe Touch Looking Heavenly

Once you are in the pointed mountain pose, lower arms to your sides and bend with your flat back as you reach and touch the floor. Maintain your position holding finger tips as close to the floor as possible and glance up. Jump back with palms held flat and move your legs back to plank position.

Plank Position

Plank position is a push up position with straight arms which build core strength. You should get in the push up position keeping your arms straight. Your abs should be firm and you should lower your butt into a collapsed plank.

Up Dog

This exercise stretches your spine and shoulders and open up your lungs and chest. Your shoulders should be back and eyes forward, lift your knees off the ground and put weight on the tops of your feet.

Down Dog

Down dog improves the strength and flexibility of the entire body. Press your palms on the ground with heels pressing toward ground with your head relaxed and positioned between your arms and hold the position for five breaths.

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