Gaiam Print Yoga Mat Review

gaiam yoga mat 3 mm 3Are you that kind of a person who likes showing off a little bit of unique individual style while at the yoga studio? If yes, the Gaiam Print_Yoga Mat may be the most ideal choice for you.

Gaim is a reputable and reliable brand which produces high quality and widely trusted mats.

Yoga practitioners and professionals endorse Gaiam Print_Yoga Mats for being lightweight, easy to transport, and sticky.

Unique designs and colors

Gaiam Print_Yoga Mats not only comes in a broad array of colors but also have several relaxing prints on the front. Famous models include a zen garden, the tree of wisdom, a peace symbol, and a paisley flower. Because of these attractive designs, these yoga mats are incomparable.

The unique and attractive wide array of designs offers you the freedom to personalize your mat which may help in enhancement of your mental state when it comes to concentration and calming. This may give your mind a refreshing experience and the needed mental space as you look down only to see your chosen print as you train.

Comfort, stability, and durability

Gaiam Print_Yoga Mat is suitable for both yoga studio and home use. The 3mm thick yoga mat offers the cushioning and support your body requires to ensure proper alignment while maintaining poses. Your feet and hands will like the stability brought by the light-tack and non-slip texture to your work out.

The lightweight mat is built from dense, durable PVC, which does not contain latex and is free of 6 of the most toxic phthalates.

Product features and specifications

• Extra thickness for more cushioning
• Durable and lightweight
• Textured and non-slip surface to provide high-level traction
• Free of DNOP, DIDP, DINP, BBP, DBP, and Phthalates DEHP
• 68 inch by 24 inches by 3mm
• Bonus yoga workout download
• Weighs 25 lbs in weight

The Reviews

Reviews from popular reviewers who test many different types of yoga mats swear by the fascinating characteristics of this yoga mat. A yoga practitioner on highly recommended this mat by saying:

I think Gaiam Print_Yoga Mats are by far one of the most attractive yoga mats out there. I bought two of them featuring different designs, and they remain to be my favorites. They have more than 20 different designs and various colors; hence, your mat will always stand out from the crowd.

This is very helpful if I mistakenly leave my mat somewhere as it is easy to identify it among the other mats. Being latex free, it’s a big advantage to me since am allergic to latex. They were built to last and hence very durable, mine has lasted for many years.

gaiam 3 mm yoga matMultitudes of yoga enthusiasts out there love Gaiam Print_Yoga Mats with passion and admiration. And, this has earned the mat a lot of good praises and extremely high ratings. By the time of writing this review, the mat had achieved to attain several nice reviews on Amazon and had scored a whopping 4.1 stars out of the possible five stars after 1,243 customer reviews.

During our study, we noticed that it’s pretty hard to spot a single negative review about this yoga mat. However, some people do complain about the initial strong odor upon opening the package. But this is not a significant issue, one customer said that the smell wears off within a few days if left to air out in an open place.
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Here’s the bottom line; if you want a yoga mat that won’t force you to dig dip into your pocket without compromising on personalization, portability, cushioning, grip, support, stability, comfort, and overall quality, then you need no other yoga mat other than Gaiam Print_Yoga Mat. At a cost of as low as $ 28, it is truly a good bargain for yogis who are on a tight budget.

Gaiam also understands how unique each individual is, and that’s why it offers a broad variety of beautiful designs. This is for sure the most fantastic choice that puts all the other mats aside when it comes to pocket friendliness, customization, and personalization.

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