Hatha Yoga Benefits

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Yoga has preventative and therapeutic benefits for both the mind and body. There are many different styles and types of yoga including Hatha yoga. Hatha yoga is a generic term used for any type of yoga involving physical postures.

It mainly introduces you to the basic yoga postures and is ideal for people new to the practice of yoga. According to some practitioners, hatha yoga can be dated back to the 15th century or even older.

Principle of Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga is called a dual type of yoga as it includes a duality between two opposites – the sun and the moon. Hatha yoga is also called yoking yoga as it joins two opposites together. The main principle of the hatha yoga leads to poses which help purify the body and mind.

Benefits of Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga is an ideal choice for stress management and is most preferred style of yoga for beginners owing to its slower pace and easier movements. However, it is beneficial for almost everyone who practices it, novice or expert.

The essence of hatha yoga is poses –a series of movements designed to improve flexibility and strength and breathing – an expression of vital energy. Poses, also called postures, aims at improving the strength of the body while breathing helps you relax your mind. There are many benefits associated with hatha yoga physically and mentally.

Physical Benefits of Hatha Yoga

The physical benefits include: improved flexibility of the body, better mobility of muscle joint, strengthening and building of muscle mass, correction of posture, strengthening of spine, improvement in back pain and muscular skeletal condition, loosening of tight neck and shoulders, increased stamina, better balance and grace, enhanced digestion and elimination process, better blood circulation, reduce the chances of heart disease, improve breathing disorders, boost immune system, reduce cholesterol and blood sugar levels and support weight loss.

According to recent researches and studies, hatha yoga can relieve the symptoms of many common and life threatening diseases such as arthritis, diabetes, chronic fatigue, arteriosclerosis, asthma, obesity and AIDs.

Mental Benefits of Hatha Yoga

The mental benefits include: improved body awareness and flexibility, feeling of freshness and calmness, relaxed mind and body, focus, improved concentration and freeing of the spirit. The immediate health benefit of Hatha yoga is the feeling of calmness and balance with higher fitness level and reduced injury risks. It eliminates the toxins from your body and purifies it.

It also helps with cravings for smoke, drugs and alcohol. There are many studies to support the stress management implication of hatha yoga, which in turn improves the mood and overall sense of well-being.

Online Yoga Videos

You can learn hatha yoga routine from videos (youtube video’s and hatha yoga online membership sites) and books but it is preferable to opt for an expert instructor, especially when you are a beginner. Everyone has different bodies and yoga postures should be modified to suit each persons need and ability. Hence, you should choose an instructor that is attentive to your needs so that you can achieve maximum benefits from your practice of hatha yoga.

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