How To Choose The Best Yoga Mat

how to choose the best yoga mat

How to choose the best yoga mat

It’s a big deal when it comes to choosing the best yoga mat out there because there are so many yoga mats to choose from. 

There are all kinds of mats like budget, regular, high quality, combo, foldable, printed, long, thick, thin and special purpose yoga mats. 

These yoga mats come at different materials, sizes, and prices. Below you will find things to consider before buying a yoga mat.

Knowing your body

When you decide to go for yoga, you need to understand your body type first. If you have issues with your joints you may want to choose a thick yoga mat that provides some sort of padding and cushioning. In this case the Balancefrom Yoga Mat, rated 4.3 out 5 on average, after 17,000 plus reviews on, may be an option. It is made up of high-quality nonslip foam that provides cushioning and padding to the bones of hips, knees, spine, and elbows on a hard floor.

A thicker mat is comfortable but if you don’t have any issues with your knees and ankles, you might want to go for a thinner mat for better stability. It all comes down to a balance between stability for your poses and at the same time ensuring comfort on your joints.

Style of yoga practice

Gentle Yoga

Gentle yoga focuses on comfort and ease, and it all about relaxation of the body and mind. Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra, and Prenatal Yoga are examples of Gentle Yoga. 

For this purpose, you may go for Manduka Pro Yoga Mat as it provides comfortability, durability, and reliability with only 6mm thickness. It never peels, flake or fades. So it can go along you for the long term with your gentle yoga.

Dynamic Yoga

If you are excelling in your yoga journey and you are practicing dynamic yoga-like

Ashtanga Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Hot Yoga, and Vinyasa Yoga, you need to choose a versatile yoga mat like Jade Harmony Yoga Mat. As there many standing and balancing, yoga poses in dynamic yoga so this mat provides great grip due to its superior traction, and stability for any occasion or poses because of its 3/16 inches thickness.

Hot Yoga

If you are planning to do Hot Yoga you might want to choose a mat specifically designed for Hot Yoga like IUGA Pro Non-Slip Yoga Mat. In hot yoga, you need to perform certain poses at some higher ambient temperature that makes you sweat like hell. This yoga mat is considered to be an all-time unbeatable non-slip, high resilience , an eco-friendly mat that offers safety and comfortability during yoga. Moreover, it is orderless with high-quality super-sized dimensions having free carry strap.

Place of practice

Place of practice also plays an important role in how to choose the best yoga mat. If you are doing indoor yoga, at home or in a yoga studio you should consider the following aspects.

Indoor Yoga

If you are practicing yoga in your house then you don’t need to be worried about a heavy mat as you don’t need to roll the mat and transport it anywhere. You can use a mat that’s heavy and cushioned as the padding will give comfort to your bones, especially in powerful movements. 

Aurorae Classic Yoga Mat is the mat specially designed with 1/4  inches thickness that provides extra comfort and cushioning because of its thickness.

On the road Yoga

If you travel a lot or you like to practice yoga around different corners of your country, you must have a lightweight and foldable yoga mat.  The mat that’s heavy and does not fold properly, may not be the best option. 

The Manduka eKO Superlite Yoga Travel Mat might be a option to look in to in this category. It offers a superior grip with a premium quality tightly woven texture that resists tear or stretching.

Consider the length

Yoga is all about the journey of self-realization, peace, and tranquility What if your legs are out of the mat. You will experience a temperature difference which will make it hard to enjoy your yoga class. Always go for the longer mats that can help you stretch your body.

The standard yoga mats come with a length of 68 inches. But there are larger mats to choose from. Super stretched mats are highly recommended for those people who are on taller sides and their heights are beyond 6”.

Choosing the right material

There are a lot of yoga mats available in the market and all of them are highly in demand. These mats include PVC mats, jute yoga mats, cotton yoga mats, and rubber mats.

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) is one of the most commonly used materials for yoga mats. A yoga mat made of PVC may last a bit longer but they are not eco-friendly. That’s why many yogis opt for organic and eco-friendly material such as natural rubber, cotton and jute.


how to choose the best yoga mat

Natural rubber mats are highly recommended due to their smoothness and traction. They are easy to use and provide enough smoothness that helps you maintain your comfort while giving a strong base. The natural rubber mat also absorbs the sweat and don’t let the surface remain slippery.

Jute and cotton mats may also be a great choice if you are a beginner to yoga and you don’t need a high level of traction and stickiness for strong poses.

Textures of yoga mat

Textures are important to provide a smooth surface where you can perform yoga with strength and comfort at the same time. If you go for an extremely smooth texture which is comfy for your body, you may not have strong traction and they may become slippery for you leading towards some danger.

So you will have to make a choice wisely. Always choose a mat that is smooth and sticky at the same time. The sticky mats provide strong traction which is the key important factor required for powerful poses. 

What’s your budget?

Quality is the secret sauce of your yoga mat. You can have any kind of mat at any price, literally. The prices may range from $10 to $ 100 or more on average. Once you decide the key factors that you are looking for in a mat, you can have a mat in any color or print keeping your choice in your mind.

For a beginner yogi it’s recommend to start with a less pricy mat. In time, with continued yoga practice, you will have a better idea of your own requirements for a yoga mat. You can then buy a yoga mat that suits your needs.

If you decide to buy a high-quality yoga mat, in terms of stability, grip and other factors mentioned above, you should definitely take a look at the high rated yoga mats by Manduka, Gaiam and Jade. Certain features may cost you extra but it’s worth buying.

Hopefully you have gained a better understanding on how to choose the best yoga mat, so go get your best yoga mat and start your yoga journey. Happy Practicing!

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