How to Deal With the Stress of Modern Lifestyle

Modern lifestyle is indeed stressful. We are bombarded with so many things from advertisements to hectic work schedule and family demands. Almost everyone is in anxiety, having restless hearts and is experiencing tribulations. If we really wish to keep our sanity, we need to withdraw ourselves from the toxins and stress.

The Root Cause of Stress

stresssFrom a yogic point of view the stress, fears and anxiety in our life is all due to the false identification that you are the mind and the body. Practicing Yoga Nidra and Meditation can help to constantly remind yourself that you have a body but you are not the body. You have a mind but you are not the mind.
If you are nor the body nor the mind, then who are we, remains the questions? According to the yoga tradition we are in essence pure spirit. When you realize this absolute truth, the less you will think that only material things can satisfy and become affected by the stress of the material world.

Relaxation vs. Yoga Nidra

One can be free from stress and anxiety by purifying the mind through the combination of Yoga Nidra and Meditation. Yoga Nidra is besides an advanced relaxations practice also a way to attain the higher goal which is known as Sadhana or spiritual practices that can lead to self-realization.

Nowadays the term Yoga Nidra is widely used for any practice that induces relaxation. But Yoga Nidra according to the yoga tradition, is not merely a relaxation exercise. It is a state of consciousness that can be reached by systematic practice of relaxation methods.

According to the yoga scriptures there are three states of consciousness which are waking, dreaming and deep sleep. The goal of Yoga Nidra is to journey through the waking state, pass the dreaming state and entering the state of deep sleep but remaining full awake throughout the whole process.

Yoga Nidra an Excellent Way to Deal with Stress

It is wonderful to realize the difference between relaxation exercises and Yoga Nidra. Sure you can enjoy relaxation for its own value. But in time you can take your practice a step further by exploring the deeper levels of your own consciousness by Yoga Nidra.

The combination of Yoga Nidra and Meditation can actually give you a higher experience. The more you practice the more you can benefit from the physical, mental and emotional healing that goes along with that process. So calm your mind and dispel your anxiety, sever your ties to stress-producing thoughts and diminish tension in the body through Yoga Nidra.

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