How To Use The Law of Attraction

law-of-attraction-what-youre-going-to-ATTACTThe law of attraction simply states that our experiences are a result of our thoughts that is to say if you focus your mind on negative thoughts then you will have negative experiences and on the other hand if you focus on positive thoughts you will have positive experiences.

The reasoning behind the belief is that everything in the universe including thoughts is made up of energy and like energies attract that is the energy of of your positive/negative thinking will attract the energy of your positive/negative experience.

In this article we will look at how this law can be used in various areas of life.


You’ve probably heard some people being referred to as ‘fast learners’, well they really are not they just apply the law of attraction unknowingly and have a positive mental attitude towards their learning. On the other hand a slow learner or somebody who is bad at something simply has a negative attitude.

For example if you say in your mind that you would like to learn skateboarding but at the back of your mind you are thinking you lack coordination and it will be impossible to learn, this thought creates a limiting belief and as a result you will find yourself falling of the skateboard and re-affirming your belief.

But if you think you can do it and visualize yourself doing it, you’ll find yourself skateboarding in no time but this doesn’t mean there’ll be no falls, there will be but your positivity will make you overcome them.

Beating depression

When in a crisis, you can either focus on the problem or on the solution. Depression arises when you focus so much on the problem than on the solution. For example if you lost your job and start thinking to yourself, “I’ll end up on the streets, I can’t find another job at this time, etc” then that is a recipe for depression.

Instead focus on the solution and believe in your ability to solve the problem and solve the crisis. Visualize yourself in another job or starting your own business and focus on those thoughts and you will never have depression.

Obtaining your desires

The key to obtaining whatever you desire is first identify it and visualize yourself owning it. For example if you want a car, think of the car you want and visualize yourself driving it and work hard towards that goal. To prove to you about the attraction of energies, how many times have you thought or talked about someone and then ran into them or they called you the same day? I bet its plenty of times because your energies attracted.

There are plenty other areas you can apply this law but the key is to think, feel, visualize and work towards whatever it is you want.

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