Jade Harmony Professional Yoga Mat Review

Even though Yoga has become extremely popular in the west over the last decade, it’s only been over the last few years we’ve really seen the emergence of luxury brands popping up everywhere. Not only do people care what they wear when they’re performing yoga, but they also want the best equipment available.

We’re going to look at the Jade Harmony Professional Yoga Mat today because it’s seen by some as the best on the market, and we’ll start by looking at a few reasons why.

It's Comfortable And Grippy

If you’re serious about yoga you need your mat to be comfortable and grippy, so the Harmony Mat has already ticked the two most important boxes. The incredible grip the rubber provides gives you the confidence to perform any pose without imagining you’re going to hurt yourself, which is crucial as your skills increase. The rubber also provides a comfortable enough cushion to stop you from quitting your session early because certain parts of your body begin to get a bit sore.

You're Saving The Environment

Yogis tend to care about the environment more than the average person you’ll bump into on the street, so it makes sense that the Jade Harmony Professional Yoga Mat is made from a renewable energy source. It’s comprised of natural rubber extracted from trees, unlike other mats full of harmful chemicals. Jade also plants a new tree for every single yoga mat they sell, and they planted over one million trees so far.

Features And Specifications

• Optimal Grip
• Extremely Comfortable
• 100% Natural Rubber
• Made In The US
• Multiple Colors
• Hand Washable
• 3/16″ Thick
• 24″ by (68″-74″)
• Approx 5 lbs

What Others Are Saying

Before you buy a product it’s always worth checking what other people who’ve used it have to say, so we’ll take a look at a few different sources to give you an idea of how much the Harmony Mat is loved.

OutdoorGearLab is a well-respected site reviewing a huge amount of products, yet the Harmony Professional Yoga Mat was good enough to win an Editor’s Choice award. They performed a lot of vigorous tests on the mat, including pouring a cup of water over the top of it to make sure nobody would slip after sweating too much. They’re also satisfied enough that its cushioned surface will stop people from picking up needless injuries.


On Amazon you’ll find 2300 plus people have already left a review, and it’s sitting at 4.3 out of 5 stars so the majority of them love Jade’s Harmony Mat. 73% of reviewers gave it top marks, some of which were left by yoga teachers with decades worth of experience. The major talking point is the mat’s performance, and we’ve already raved about it but now a thousand people are saying it’s true.

There seems to be one major flaw with the mat you’ll want to know about. Don’t leave it sitting in direct sunlight for too long, or it will eventually start to lose its grip and the magic will disappear. Fortunately this won’t happen if you take your mat inside after you’ve finished using it outdoors, and I’m sure you wouldn’t leave it lying in the middle of your garden anyway


Not only is the Jade Harmony Professional Yoga Mat full of features everyone needs, but it’s thought of by some as the best mat you can spend your money on. The large amount of colors you can choose from should also appeal to anyone who cares about aesthetics, and some of them are bright enough to light up a studio. If you have the money and wish to spend it on a great piece of yoga equipment you have to go for the very best.

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