Jennifer Aniston Yoga

Jennifer Aniston became famous for her role in the hit TV show friends as Rachel Green and continued on to have a successful career in movies. The talent actress is 52 years old (2020) but looks as stunning and beautiful as her younger years. In fact, many will say that she has gotten hotter and more toned with age. But, her awesome body is not merely a gift from nature rather shed has worked hard for that.

Mandy Ingber Yogalosophy

Aniston credits her fitness and beauty to Yoga which keeps her body, mind and soul connected. Aniston has been working with her yoga teacher, fitness advisor and friend Mandy Ingber. She mainly follows Ingber’s Yogalosophy program combining yoga, toners and spinning.

Aniston turned to yoga as she needs a better connection to her body, mind and emotions. Before starting yoga, Aniston was overworked and did not exercise much, hence she needed to ground herself and pay more attention to her body especially as her professional and personal life underwent major changes. 

And the results are evident and her body has never looked better. Aniston confessed that as she started doing yoga, her legs got leaner, her arms stronger and she felt an inner strength.

Yoga Jennifer Aniston

Yoga has provided her with a balance of strength, toning and being lean – beautiful and natural. She wants a balance in all aspects of her life and yoga helps her achieve that, especially with her busy career, fitness regime and personal life. Jennifer Aniston is attracted to yoga and keeps with it for its physical benefits as well as spiritual effects. 

According to her, practicing yoga is like you are in a therapy session and it keeps her body and mind calm and fit. She has been practicing yoga for twenty years and it is the secret to her eternal youth. Aniston says that she is happier than ever and feels as youthful as she did when she was 25 years old.


Jennifer Aniston's Favorite Yoga Postures

Aniston’s favorite yoga postures are Tree Pose and Child Pose. These two poses are taught in the beginner yoga classes and thus are basic yoga exercises but these poses are practiced even when you become an experienced yogi. 

Tree pose is a wonderful balancing pose. It does not need a lot of muscular strength and allows you to feel grounded and stable. 

Child pose is very relaxing and produce a calming effect on your mind. It is especially recommended for people with lower back pain.

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Jennifer Aniston Yoga Video

Check out the following video for a 10 min. Yoga Routine from the Yogalosophy Program.