Khataland YoFoMat – Foldable Yoga Mat Review

Foldable Yoga Mat

Khataland makes yoga gear and apparel with the philosophy that yoga is a lifestyle. Their slogan is “Ancient Yoga, Modern Gear,” and they definitely live by those words.

The state of the art production process involved in crafting their YoFoMat has resulted in a very fine yoga mat that has made a great impression on yoga teachers and students alike.


The YoFoMat mat has a bit of a cult following, and has been featured in Real Simple Magazine, Spa Yoga Magazine, and the Today Show. It’s also received critical acclaim on many yoga gear review sites, from new students, experienced practitioners, even teachers.


The YoFomat folds up to a very compact size, similar to a large book. It is made from high density materials, and both surfaces of the mat are covered with a special non skid surface. The side on the floor grips the floor, and the side used for practice provides a good grip for hands and feet. The mat will last for years, and the traction of the mat’s surfaces only improve with age.

Once taken out of your handbag or suitcase, this foldable yoga mat unfolds quickly for use, but still retains its touch-felt folding lines. These unique marks are embedded into the mat by design, in order to help the yoga practitioner find perfect body alignment. This is especially helpful for children and new practitioners.

The mats come with a special eco travel case in which to carry it – and a yoga pose chart, that illustrates fifteen energizing postures.


Keeping in line with Khataland’s ethos, the company makes a wide range of yoga mats. One of their most popular lines is the travel mat. It comes in regular, long, and extra-long sizes, but can still be easily rolled or fold up into your handbag or backpack.

The mat can discreetly accompany you to the yoga studio or the great outdoors, directly from the office. The mat has been proven to provide optimal stability on most floor surfaces, including carpet and wood. The mat can also be rolled up into a makeshift meditation pillow or sitting cushion.

Foldable Yoga Mat

And the mat is really easy to care for. Khataland recommends wiping the mat with a damp cloth, then letting the mat air dry. Putting the mat in the washing machine or dryer is not recommended.


The YoFoMat in the Category Foldable Yoga Mats comes in dozens of colors and sizes, even child sizes – so you will definitely be able to find one that complements your practice.

• Standard mat folds up to 12” x 10” x 3”
• Standard size is 72” x 24” and 4mm thick
• Child mat is 60” x 24” x 4mm
• Extra long and thick mat is 72” x 24” and 4mm thick
• Standard mat weighs 2.7 pounds
• Environmentally friendly production process
• Latex free
• Meets or exceeds EU directive standards
• Free of phthalates
• Easy wipe with mild detergent to clean


This mat has been reviewed very well on, and it’s gotten rave reviews on the Khataland site.

One user on Amazon mentions its versatility, saying, “this mat allows me to take short yoga or meditation breaks at work, and folds up between uses.” “I use it on all surfaces,” says another reviewer “Grass, ground, in parks, (even) by a river.” The portability of this mat is a big draw, and many reviewers agreed that the mat fits very easily into a purse or tote bag.

A few users commented that at 2.7 pounds, the mat felt heavy after carrying it around for a while, but they conceded that this was a small price to pay to have a yoga mat that could slip into your purse.


If you are looking for a competitively priced yoga mat, you could do worse than the Khataland YoFoMat. It’s clear that the convenience of having a portable yoga mat will allow people to go from work to home to vacation without having to skip a workout, and that’s what the Khataland philosophy is all about.

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