Law of Attraction: Abundance is Yours

abundance law of attractionA great resource to consider when looking at the laws of attraction, is Abraham Hicks on abundance.

Abraham explains that everything is in abundance out there and all we need to do is learn how to access it through changing the way we approach our lives.

They explain, that we need to imagine and verbalise a new chapter in our lives to be able to attract what our heart desires. As we do this we will attract the flow of experiences that are wanted in everyday life.
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Change your thoughts

When we change our thoughts we change our reality because the law of attraction doesn’t respond to our current reality. Abraham says that there is not a soul on this planet that can not manifest what is truly desired. The first step is to actually meditate on what it is you actually want.

It can be anything; money, love, a better lifestyle, better health, more travel, more giving etc. If you keep focusing your thoughts on what is happening now and it causes worry, pain, anxiety etc then you won’t be able to attract what you wish to happen.

Focus and feel

Thoughts should be concentrated on what you want to happen. To do this you must; focus, viualise and verbalise the desired reality no matter what’s happening around you. When you take time everyday to feel and imagine the enjoyment that’s gained by your ideal life, you’ll be able to manifest that life.

You have to tell the story in your head of how you want it to be rather than how it currently is. Only then will your experiences start changing into situations that you desire.

You are the creator

Abraham explains that you are the creator of your own reality. External forces are just things that we manifest ourselves. You have to feel good about being in a certain position, situation and life even before you get there. Only then will you attract it to you.

Be thankful and feel worthy

When you realize that you are worthy of this exquisite life you’ve always desired, you will be able to align your thoughts with that which you are worthy of. Together with this, being grateful for every moment, situation and event (good or bad) will further enhance your energy levels. Being appreciating and feeling worthy will help you reach your goal quicker and achieve it happily through acceptance.

Abraham explains, that when your attention is focused on the positive, good vibrations surround you. The story you tell is the story that is ultimately going to happen, so make it a good one and the one that you want!

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