Manduka eQua Yoga Mat Towel

Manduka is a household name for any serious yogi. Manduka makes arguably the best gear in the business, and the eQua Mat Towel is no exception.

Beloved by teachers and students alike, the towel will help you elevate your practice by keeping your hands and feet in place, so that you can focus on your flow.


There’s really nothing scarier than slipping on your mat while you’re trying to hold a yoga pose. Falling or slipping while on your mat could result in embarrassment in class, a sprain – or worse. The grippy quality of the towel puts an end to that worry, so that you can just concentrate on your practice.

Though it feels as soft as suede, the towel gives remarkable traction with its “sweat activated grip”, which gives the towel an even better grip when it’s a bit damp. In fact, many people spray the towel before use to enhance its traction.


The towel not only protects the user from slipping, buts will add another layer between you and the studio floor. And the towel will lay flat to your mat, so it doesn’t have to be re-arranged every time you change poses.


When not being used for intense yoga classes, the ultra plush eQua Mat Towel can be used as a shawl or a blanket in restorative poses, like savasana. And it’s great to have with you if you want to drape it over a studio mat, for some extra germ-free protection.

If you are taking a break from yoga to do some hiking or biking, this lightweight, absorbent towel won’t take up a lot of room in your backpack. It can be folded, or rolled up tightly. And the towel won’t wrinkle – even when crammed into your work-out bag damp.


The eQua Mat Towel comes in  beautiful colors: binda (black), geyser (light blue), Isabela (pink), lantana (light purple), magic (deep purple), midnight (deep blue), oceana (green), and thunder (grey). Some of the towels have a contrasting color border stitch, for a subtle but beautiful design touch.


The towel is made from a lightweight, quick-drying, slip-resistant microfiber, and comes in three sizes: standard, long, and extra-long. The standard size, 72″ x 26.5″, fits perfectly over a standard yoga mat, and the extra-long towel will drape over even the longest yoga mat.

• Split microfiber technology
• Outlasts and out-outperforms cotton or polyester blend towels
• Slip-resistant texture when damp to grip hands and feet
• Soft and fast drying
• Tightly woven for a suede-like feel
• Weighs one pound
• Standard (72”), Long (79”), and Extra-Long (86”) lengths to fit all yoga mats
• Made from recyclable synthetic material

The eQua Mat Towel is machine washable on cold, and may be hang to dry for best results – though it can be tumble-dried on low heat. Please note, fabric softeners are not recommended because they may make the towel slippery. It’s also recommended that the towel is washed with similar colors before first use.


Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 12_56_59 PMThe eQua Mat Towel user feedback rating boasts an impressive 4.1 out of 5 on with over 200 plus reviews.

It also received a 5 out of 5 on the Manduka product site, and has a near perfect user rating on most other consumer sites.

The Manduka eQua Mat Towel has gotten rave reviews on its look, function, and performance.


Yogis have commented repeatedly on how sticky and grippy the towel becomes when damp, and doesn’t slide around on the mat, so that you can throw it down and forget it’s there.

manduka2One reviewer and verified purchaser stated that it is ideal for hot yoga sessions and provides good grip even when sweaty. It also has a very comfortable feel about it.

A user on the Manduka site commented that it was going to completely change their practice.


There isn’t much negative feedback about the towel. The price is a little above that of some regular cotton towels, but you will actually be saving money on this product if you consider the fact that eQua Mat Towel is almost indestructible. It will last you through many years of washing and practice.

Some users found that that the color bled onto their mat, but the manufacturer recommends washing the towel before use in cold water in order to prevent this from happening.

And a few other users complained that the towel showed damp spots. Unfortunately, damp marks on the towel, whether from water or sweat, are harmless and temporary, and simply a function of usage.



This critically acclaimed towel is beloved by yoga teachers and students all over the world. If you are ready to elevate your practice, you will want to give the Manduka eQua Mat Towel a try for yourself.

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