Manduka Pro Yoga Mat Review

Manduka has an excellent reputation in the yoga mat industry for making various enchanting mats. They are recognized as the best in the industry mainly because of their original Manduka Pro Yoga Mat.

Designed to endure maximum hours of yoga practice, the Manduka mat is simply the best yoga mat ever tested. A majority of yoga professionals and teachers swear by the high quality of the mat.

Durability and Lifetime Guarantee

Manduka mat is built to last; it is now available with an exclusive lifetime guarantee from normal wear. Anyone can truly stand behind a manufacturer and trust that their items are meant to last when they provide a lifetime guarantee on their items.

Its thickness also adds to the durability of the yoga mat. The PVC material used to make these mats resists the formation of scuff marks, fading, and discoloration. If you want a yoga mat that is thick and durable to take you for a lifetime, this mat is the best for you.

Stability and comfort

Manduka_SimonPark_LogoUnlike majority of yoga mats available today, the black mat pro features a distinct bottom and top surface.

This mat remains stable on a carpet, stone, and hardwood floors. It doesn’t bunch or shift during a yoga practice.

Measuring at a ¼ inch, Manduka mat is thicker than a majority of other mats providing a softer surface for your knees and back. The extra thickness kicks away the need to have extra props and blankets necessary for a smoother surface.

Product features and specifications

• Lifetime guarantee
• Excellent for hot type yoga
• Sustainable, zero-waste yoga mat
• Comfortably cushions elbows, knees, hips, and spine on tough floors
• Superior wear and longevity
• Offers stability on soft or hard surfaces
• Slip resistant, but not sticky
• Certified by Oeko-Tex, emissions-free products
• 100 percent latex free, safest for persons with latex allergies
• Available in two sizes; Long: 215.9cm by 66cm, and 6mm thick and Standard: 180cm by 66cm, and 6mm thick
• Weight: long; 4kg and standard; 3.1kg
• Perfect for all kinds of yoga excluding starters

The Reviews

Reviews from customers who have experienced this product are just but positive. Many testify that this product is a winner and the most fascinating yoga mat of all yoga mats ever seen. Some even compare this mat as the Rolls Royce of yoga mats.

A Yoga Teacher on the strongly endorsed the fundamental benefits of Manduka Pro and said, “I have been using Manduka pro yoga mat from 2001 and I still believe Manduka created the best overall mat in terms of durability, size, feel, thickness, comfort, and grip. I have been teaching for more than fifteen years and a majority of mat shrapnel’ on the studio floor, but frankly, I have never seen any Manduka Pro Yoga Mat get worn out. “

Multitudes of people Love Manduka pro yoga mat with great passion, and this have resulted in extremely high ratings and fantastic reviews. By the time of writing this, Manduka pro had earned for itself a hefty pack of great reviews on Amazon and had scored a whooping 4.3 stars out of 5 stars on average after 2000 plus reviews. 

In our in-depth research, we found out that some people do say that the Manduka pro breaths ’new’’ at first. But this was not a real issue. One customer gave a simple, quick solution to this and said, “I left the mat outside while unrolled to air it out. It completely stopped smelling “new” in less than a week.’’

There is another issue worth mentioning regarding the weight of the Manduka pro. Krysta Shannon of lightly warned buyers “If you want a light travel mat, then this may not be the best mat for you. Manduka pro yoga mat is a beast that weighs a whooping 4lbs. But if you drive to a yoga class that may not be of much concern to you.’’


Needless to say, Manduka Pro Yoga Mat is truly a keeper. From durability and Eco-friendliness to comfort and stability, this is truly your next generation yoga mat. Though this yoga mat is pricey, the impossibility of you buying another one in a lifetime, back us in saying that this is the most excellent choice for those who value quality.

Yoga teachers and professionals throughout the world have chosen this mat as their best option. There is a reason why this mat inspires such passion to its users; with its denser thicker form, unparalleled cushioning, superior fabric-like finish, simple elegant design, the Manduka pro will undoubtedly revolutionize your yoga practice, a revolution for better.

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