Mobile Meditator Inflatable Meditation Cushion Review

The mobile inflatable meditator cushion is mindfully designed both for home use and for travel. It is crescent shaped with three easily adjustable and separate chambers that allows customized size, stability and comfort.

This meditation cushion is designed to offer you comfort and relaxation as you meditate or during quiet reflection. It weighs 13 ounces and comfortably fits into a handy pouch.

It comes with a travel carry case that stores the cushion and can easily be stowed in the carry-on luggage. The surface of this cushion is permanently coated using a non-slip and felted texture in the colors of your choice: gold, maroon, purple, royal blue, black and hunter green.


Despite its high quality, the mobile inflatable meditator cushion is still affordable. Most meditation cushions will cost you up to $100, the mobile meditator will however cost you around $45. This is because it doesn’t include the charges for filling.


Whether you are headed for a retreat or off to class, you will no longer have to use someone else’s uncomfortable meditation cushion. All you will need is your mobile meditator. Its light weight makes it incredibly easy to carry, or alternatively you can let out the air then fold it into a carry case.

Can be adjusted to Suit Your Needs

  • NEW and improved model as of December 2019
  • Three fully adjustable, inflatable chambers
  • Adjust the center chamber for optimal spine support and pelvic tilt
  • Adjust the two side chambers for hip and thigh support
  • Maximum inflated size: 18″ x 6″ in the rear x 2″ in the front (46 x 15 x 5cm)

With different postures and body types, people have different meditation needs. The 3 chambers of the mobile meditator cushion can each be adjusted separately in order to suit your body.

For maximum pelvic tilt and spine support, you should adjust the center chamber and for thigh and hip support, the two side chambers should be adjusted.

Multiple Uses

The mobile meditator cushion can be used on airplane seats, chairs and even cars to add that extra lumbar support. It can also pass as a sleeping pillow.

The Reviews

During our research, we came a cross many positive customer reviews on the mobile meditator cushion with many of them praising its comfort.  Most of the customers bought the product as a handy cushion for travelling but ended up using it for many other functions including everyday meditation.

Mobile Inflatable Meditator Cushion 1On the product has 3.6 out of 5 stars after 225 plus customer reviews and many of the customers are happy with its comfort, affordability and portability. One review worth noting is the one made by Johanna Alley on 21st September 2015 who simply states,”This is the best travel mediation cushion ever.”

The one major problem that some customers experienced with this product is difficulty in inflating and deflating even though the same customers praised its convenience for meditation on the go


If you are looking to comfortably practice your meditation anywhere, anytime and any place then the mobile meditator is the most preferred cushion for you. So, whether you are trekking in the Himalayas, camping, attending a class, backpacking, sitting on the beach or simply hanging out, the mobile inflatable meditator cushion is ergonomically designed to offer you comfort and its light weight enables you to easily travel with it.