Nasopure System Kit Review

Allergy problems, chronic sinus, or common cold can make you feel as though your breathing system is perpetually stuffed giving you a lot of difficulties during your yoga and meditation sessions.

To breathe freely again, a majority of yogis rely wholly on nasal irrigation. This is a technique that helps you to flush out clogged nasal passages by use of a specially designed Nasopure System Kit and saline solution.

The flagship product of Dr. Hana's Nasopure company

Nasopure System Kit by Dr. Hana R. Solomon, M.D., is the flagship product of Dr. Hana’s Nasopure company. The global popular doctor is a board fully certified pediatrician and has been serving as the president of the famous BeWell Health, LLC. Devoted to her loved community as much as her practice, the doctor was so enthusiastic that she not only lectured respiratory therapists, nurses, naturopathic doctors, and medical physicians but also taught children how to do a nasal wash with her nasopure.

Besides other jobs, Dr. Hana gained vast experience in the medical field during her 30 years of service as a pediatrician at the Solomon family medical clinic at Columbia in Missouri.

Nasopure System Kit is frequently bought together with Nasopure Refill Kit, also from Dr. Hana’s Nasopure, which is used in place of the normal salt and water to conduct a safe nasal wash. Physicians discourage using plain salt as people used to do since it irritates the sinuses. Nasopure Refill Kit is your special and physician recommended saline that is used to conduct nasal wash in a healthy and safe way.

Simple to use and maintain

To conduct a nasal wash, just empty the Nasopure Refill Kit packet into a bottle, then fill your bottle with water. After this, replace your cap, mix the contents and gently squeeze your bottle while holding back your breath. Exhale gently through both of your nostrils with your mouth closed. Nasopure system kit removes also harmful bacteria and allergens around your nasal opening unlike sinus flush.

Easily squeezable

Nasopure system kit is more advantageous compared to neti pots in that you can easily adjust the flow and the pressure of your saline solution by squeezing the plastic bottle unlike a neti pot which is not squeezable.

Product features and specifications

• Free of perfumes, additives, or other ingredients
• Includes instructions from Dr. Hana
• Includes a safe dishwasher
• Patented and clinically proven nasal wash that removes unpleasant sinus problems
• Squeezable
• Removes harmful bacteria and allergens around nasal opening

The Reviews

Reviews from users who have experienced this product are just but positive. A majority of them proclaim that this product is a winner and the most fascinating squeeze bottle of all squeeze bottles in the market. A customer strongly endorsed the obvious benefits of this product and said,

“ I am completely hooked to this product. I love it so much. The whole system is much easier than a basic neti pot. It has helped me tremendously with my sinus infections. Thank you! “

Nasopure 1Crowds of people love Nasopure system kit, and this has made the product earn extremely high ratings and excellent reviews.

By the time of writing this, the squeeze bottle had earned for itself many fantastic reviews on Amazon and had scored a whopping 4.2 stars out of five stars on average after 1000 plus reviews.

Spotting a single negative review about this product is hard. However, in our study, we found that a few people do say that this product is a little bit more pricey. A few others took a little bit long to get used to using the product.


Here is our final verdict; Nasopure system kit is truly a win it all. Whether you are looking for a sinus infection reliever to enhance your meditation and yoga experience or a relief for cold, this squeeze bottle is surely a keeper. It is the only nasal wash on the market designed to be comfortable enough for ages 2 – 102!

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