The Neti Pot – A Natural Sinus Infection Remedy

Got a blocked nose from a cold or allergy? A Neti Pot may help. If you are one of the millions of people suffering from sinus, you know how unpleasant blocked nasal passages and facial pain can be. The bones around your cheeks, eyes, and nose are covered with membranes that produce mucus to keep the inhaled air free from allergies and pollutants.

However, when blocked and unable to filter out germs, the mucus begins to accumulate. This in turn does not allow air to freely pass by, thus leading to sinus infections.

About Neti Pot

The most effective way to treat this undesirable condition is Neti Pot. Those of you who are not familiar with this term, it is basically a plastic or ceramic pot that is used to clear your nasal passage. This container originally hails from the yoga and Ayurvedic medical tradition. The container uses a solution of saline and water to clear toxins and mucus from the nose, and also helps with several ailments.

Neti Pot Use

The process is extremely simple. All that you need to do is pour distilled water into the pot, and wrap your head around it. Then mix in one teaspoon of salt for every two glasses of distilled water. Close the back of your throat, lean forward, and inhale through your mouth. This will allow the contents of the container to enter one nostril, and vent out from the other nostril.

Also, keep your mouth open in order to make sure the liquid does not go down the throat. Repeat the process on the other side. This may take a couple of minutes if the nasal passage is congested completely. In the end blow your nose.

Neti Pot Benefits

Ayurveda and yoga practitioners developed its practice thousands of years ago, and today people recommend the use of Neti Pot as it is a medication-free and extremely effective method of reducing sinus pain. It is an all natural sinus infection remedy that works best to reduce symptoms of crusty mucus, thick mucus, and dry mucus. The saline solution in it both cleans and soothes the nose, flushing out debris, and relieving the pain.

Natural Sinus Infection Remedy Neti Pot has become very popular recently as it naturally unclogs sinus infections, and helps people breath easily, rinsing away all the pollutants.

If you are able to master this type of natural therapy, you can experience some great results. So don’t wait to try it, and clean out your clogged nose right away!