ProsourceFit Extra Thick Yoga Mat Review

Is your yoga mat tough on your joints? If your answer is yes to the above questions then,  Prosourcefit extra thick yoga mat is what you actually need. ProSource yoga mats are some of the thickest yoga mats available on the market today.

The unique and beautifully made mats come in a variety of illuminating colors that are vivacious and strong but not overpowering in their brightness. The well-made yoga mats add comfort and stability to your different styles of exercises.

Comfort and safety

The high-quality yoga mat is uniquely designed in a ProSourcefit Comfort_Foam Technology to offer the support everyone craves for while carrying out yoga workouts. The technology does so by cushioning the body to prevent impact absorption. It has non-slip exteriors to provide a person with firm support on the floor to avoid slipping, thereby hampering any injury on the critical parts of your body.

Durability and easy maintenance

Being made of a high-quality material, this deluxe yoga mat lasts longer than a majority of the standard foam mats. To make the yoga mat, even more, durable, it is fabricated for easy maintenance and care. The moisture resistant surface of the mat offers an easy-wash feature. The ultra thick yoga mat utilizes high-density foam for 0.5 inches in thickness, which is long lasting even when used on hard floors.

Features and specifications

• 71 inches long and 24 inches wide comfortable to personsof all sizes and shapes
• 0.5 or 1 inches ultra thick for comfort and impact absorption
• Easy care and maintenance
• Low priced but high performance
• Non-slip surface to grip the floor and prevent injuries
• Moisture resistant skin for durability

The Reviews

Reviews from famous reviewers who test different types of yoga mats swear by the fascinating features of this yoga mat. A yoga teacher on highly recommended this mat by saying

“When we are looking for yoga mats, we look for something colorful, unique, affordable, and one that matches our lifestyle. With various yoga mats coming out into the today’s market, we have more choices to choose from but ProSourcefit Premium 0.5 Inch Extra Thick 71-Inches Long High-Density Yoga Mat with_Comfort Foam accompanied with a Carrying Case is one of the best.


An all-shape and all-size mat, ProSourcefit Yoga Mat is one of the thickest in the market, it continues to attract my yoga students with its outstanding features at a cost friendly price. “

Prosource Premium Exercise Yoga Mat 2Multitudes of yoga enthusiasts out there cherish ProSourcefit high-density yoga mat with passion and admiration. And, this has earned the yoga mat a lot of good praises and unspeakable high ratings.

By the time of our in-depth research, the mat had achieved to attain several excellent reviews on Amazon and had scored a whopping 4.4 stars out of the possible five stars after 1300+ plus customer reviews.

After our research, we discovered that it’s pretty hard to spot a single negative review about this mat. However, a few people do complain about the initial strong odor upon unsealing the package. But this is not a significant issue, one client who bought this mat before said that the smell wears off within a few days if left to air out in an open place.


Here’s our final word; if you want a yoga mat that won’t force you to dig dip into your pocket without compromising on cushioning, grip, support, stability, comfort, and overall quality, then you need no other yoga mat other than ProSourcefit extra thick yoga mat.

At a cost around 18 dollars 1/2 inch thick, it is truly a good bargain for those who are on a tight budget.
 The 1 inch yoga mat is around 30 dollars. Prosourcefit also understands how unique each individual is, and that’s why it offers a broad variety of beautiful colors. This is truly your next generation yoga mat.

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