Six Benefits of Deep Breathing You Didn’t Know About

Young woman deep in her yoga meditation - Copyspace
Young woman deep in her yoga meditation – Copyspace
Instructors in mindful movement classes like yoga put a lot of emphasis on deep breathing. This is because the pattern and depth of your breath has a direct effect on the state of your mind as well as the overall health of your body. You will feel calmer and less stressed after doing deep breathing exercises. Keep reading this article to know some of the great benefits of deep conscious breathing.

1. Kills pain Naturally

The endorphins released by the body through deep breathing are known to be feel-good natural pain relievers that our own bodies’ create. The upward and downward movements experienced during deep breathing helps in the removal of toxins from our organs and this promotes better blood flow. Deep breaths bring in more oxygen to our bodies which leads to improved energy levels.

2. Less Inflammation

It is said that cancer and many other diseases thrive well in a body that is acidic. Deep breathing is believed to reduce the levels of acidity in the body making it alkaline and thereby reducing the risk of getting diseases.

3. Helps in Digestion

Constipation which is a very common occurrence is often as a result of shallow breathing. You will have normal bowel movements if you began to breathe deeply into your lower abdomen. Deep breathing is an easy way of improving your digestion. It massages internal organs found in the stomach to help it function well. This massage helps in improving digestion.

4. Helps in Relationships

Deep breathing acts as a natural aphrodisiac. Deep breathing increases the intensity of an orgasm by supplying more blood to the clitoris or the penis which makes the orgasm last longer.

5. Strengthens the Heart

One more benefit of deep breathing is the fact that it makes the heart healthier. The blood gets more oxygen from the lungs which in turn reduce the workload done by the heart to transport oxygenated blood to the entire body.

6. Improves Your Physical Appearance

A dull skin, dark patches and spots are an indication that your skin lacks nourishment. Deep breathing increases the amount of blood flow and oxygen to the skin which leads to increased collagen production. Collagen slows down the ageing process by reducing wrinkles thereby making you look healthier.

To conclude, deep breathing has many health benefits, it releases toxins, reduces stress and blood pressure, promotes the flow of blood and strengthens the intestinal and abdominal muscles. All these leads to increased energy levels. So learn the secret to simply breathe deeply and more often.

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