Things You Should Know About Mantras

[gn_spacer size=”20″]What is a MantraMuch has been said and written about Mantras, Japa, Mantra Chanting and Mantra Meditation. There is much to cover, but let’s start off with exploring the basics of what a Mantra is.

Mantras are Words of Power

Ordinary words have already certain power of its own. Just say outloud “Hey You”, to someone and you can actually feel the force and emotion behind these words. Mantras on the other hand are words loaded with extraordinary power, no doubt about it. A mantra is a sacred word, a syllable or a series of sounds and vibrations. It is said that the mantras were revealed in deep state of meditation to the sages, yogis, holy ones and masters of spiritual traditions .
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Mantras are already charged

Mantras were and still are transmitted from generation to generation, from guru to disciple, teacher to student. In this proces the power of the mantras is greatly increased by the repetition, billions of times by many many devotees over thousands of years.
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Why should you use Mantras?

According to Swami Sivananda Radha, “The chanting or recitation of Mantras activates and accelerates the creative spiritual force, promoting harmony and in all parts of the human being. This energy can be appropriated and directed for the benefit of the one who uses it and for that of others”. This passage is quoted from the book “Mantras, Words of Power”.

There is so much more to cover on this topic, but let’s a take look at what some experts have to say on this topic.
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Some Great YouTube Videos on The Power of Mantras

  1. Deepak Chopra gets into the matter.
  2. Remarkable and funny story about Swami Rama and his practice of the Gayatri Mantra, told by Yogi Aaron.
  3. Short video in which Radhanath Swami explains what a mantra is from the perspective of the Hare Krishna Tradition.

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