Waterglider Zafu Yoga Meditation cushion Review

Waterglider zafu yoga meditation cushion 1Are you looking for a stylish yoga meditation cushion that will provide you with a room for personalization and customization?

Then, Waterglider Zafu Yoga Meditation cushion is the only way to go. The high quality meditation cushion comes in six beautiful, lively, and illuminating colors of tough organic material. Buckwheat husk is not only a green item but also the best for lining up the spinal column in a ditative position.

The disguised zipper eases the process of refilling the meditation cushion and the handle allows the cushion to be carried easily.

Excellent Comfort

The Waterglider Zafu Yoga Meditation cushion is very comfortable and puts you in your best desired posture. The waterglider meditation cushion is beautifully crafted. It is fully packed and six inches in height to provide you with all the comfort you need. Truly, this is an excellent cushion is not only firm but also tall enough to provide you with the comfort you so much crave for.

Easy care and maintenance

If you so desire, you can easily remove the filling material to make your cushion work better. The waterglider meditation cushion liner has got a small zipper on the sides where you can and in or take out the filling material. Its cover can be washed easily.

Product features and specifications

• Traditional yet modern round shape
• Excellent for all yoga and meditation levels
• The filling material is removable and refillable for washing
• 14 inches in diameter and 6 inches in height
• Filled with environmental friendly USA grown natural buckwheat husks

The Reviews

Reviews from famous reviewers who test different types of yoga meditation cushions swear by the fascinating features of this cushion. A yoga teacher on webemeditating.com highly recommended this meditation cushion by saying:

The Waterglider Zafu Yoga Meditation cushion is a very durable cushion that works excellently for meditation. The cushion is not only thick but also made of high quality materials. It’s a perfect meditation cushion. It’s very comfortable and has an amazing removable cover which can be machine washed easily. It’s very comfy and just the right size. “

Multitudes of yoga enthusiasts out there cherish The Waterglider Zafu Yoga Meditation cushion with passion and admiration. And, this has earned the meditation cushion a lot of good praises and unspeakable high ratings. By the time of our in-depth research, the cushion had achieved to attain several excellent reviews on Amazon and had scored a whopping 4.7 stars out of the possible five stars after 172 customer reviews.

After our research, we discovered that it’s pretty hard to spot a single negative review about this cushion. However, a few people do complain about the meditation cushion lacking an inner case that might assist when the user needs to wash the removable case. But this is not a significant issue, one client who bought this mat before gave a simple and quick way to do the washing by saying:

“If you really need to wash the removable case, which you won’t need so regularly, just remove the buckwheat fill and place it in a bucket or something else, then refill the case afterwards.”


Here’s our final word; if you want a high quality meditation cushion at a reasonable price, the Waterglider Zafu Yoga Meditation cushion is the only way to go. At a cost of $ 45, it is truly a good value for the money considering the fact that you may not need to buy another cushion in a considerably long period. They also understands how unique each individual is, and that’s why it offers a broad variety of beautiful colors. This is truly your next generation meditation cushion.

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