What is Mindfulness Meditation

78b0c23198991bf8ea591fcbabacdfeeIn this article, a brief introduction to mindfulness and how it can be used in meditation will be discussed. You will also find here some ways on how to become more mindful of the things around you.

What is mindfulness

There is much written and talked about regarding mindfulness, but what is mindfulness in simple terms? Mindfulness is the art of being alert and focused on the things you do in the now. Mindfulness teaches us to be in the present moment and not to dwell in the past or future. The present moment is where you are right now and that’s where all the action is.

We are all adept in mindfulness

Mindfulness is not something new, it has always been a part of our life. The moment you concentrate, focus or put your mind into something is the very moment you become mindful of what you are doing. So actually we all are adept to mindfulness, because this is what we have been doing all our lives.

This is partially true because besides focusing on what we do, we let our mind wander way too often into the past or future. So what’s the objective we should strive for? Well we should make mindfulness a continuous stream or at least we should try to make an effort to become more mindful.

How to be mindful

Letting things be is what mindfulness teaches us and it has always been an important part of life. You can be mindful in the following ways:
For instance, you are planting vegetables in the garden, communicating with someone, hugging a loved one or observing a car go by while letting your mind be present in that moment without any judgment is an act of mindfulness.

In the case of gardening, you could marvel at the beauty of the vegetables. Nature was designed with so much variety for us to enjoy. The fruits, vegetables, breeze in the morning, and the chirping of the birds are all part of nature. In this way mindfulness makes you become more aware of the beauty around you.

Anxiety mindfulness

If you are feeling anxious about something, you may feel that anxiety within you and ready to knock you down. Mindfulness can come to the rescue by simply just letting yourself observe that feeling of anxiety without assuming whether it is good or bad. Just take that moment as it is and know that this feeling will soon subside. In this manner, mindfulness makes you worry less and gives you that calmness to overcome anxiety.

Mindfulness in action

Life requires a great amount of balance especially if you have a family and a daytime job. There are endless ways on how mindfulness can make you happier and more at ease. Seeing a smile from someone you love is sometimes enough to relieve your stress. If your daughter wants to share stories with you about her favorite teacher in school, listen and laugh with her. A small moment spent full of laughter is precious especially to the young ones.

Obstacles in mindfulness

Some people fail to be mindful of what they have right now and waste the moment thinking too much about their past, future, regrets, fears, anger, hatred, conflicts, and misery. Letting go of these thoughts is a real obstacle for them, but practicing mindfulness can give these people the clarity to handle troublesome situations and also the ability to be focused more on the now.

How mindfulness can be used in meditation

Meditation is a great way to practice mindfulness because you will be able to go through a process that takes your mind in a more peaceful state. It requires you to be mindful of your body, posture, breathing, and thinking. Mindfulness within meditation is observing how your body and mind reacts to subtle changes as you make progress in your spiritual development.

A lot of people who are new to meditation find it hard to shut down all the noises around them when meditating, but that is perfectly normal. They will challenge you no matter what, but you must be able to let go of them for the moment by simply observing all the internal and external stimuli. As you go through the meditative state you will learn how to be mindful of what you are experiencing right now, and everything else that is bothering you will eventually shut down.

So we are all adept to mindfulness, but we must strive to make it into a continuous stream of being mindful. It is your responsibility to really experience each moment by giving it your full attention. Life is full of trials and challenges, but mindfulness is there to assist you by giving you the calmness to withstand anything and to enjoy the “now”.

So take many brief moments in your busy life and turn each of those moments into beautiful trinkets of good mindful memories.

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