Youphoria Yoga Mat Towel Review

Youphoria is a small company based in Georgia, and they proudly represent their product through online retailers such as They manufacture yoga mats, yoga towels, and sports towels.

The founders of the company are yoga enthusiasts, so the products they create are designed by yogis, for yogis. The Youphoria yoga towel is one of their most popular products, and it has made it to many “Best Yoga Towel” lists over the internet – for good reason.

Slip Resistance Surface

The Youphoria yoga towel is made from premium quality microfiber materials, and is available in several different colors. The process by which the towels are created allows for the surface to become non-slip when the towel is dampened with water or sweat.

This special slip resistant surface gives much more traction than cotton or polyester towels, so you can rest assured that you won’t slip in compromising positions like downward dog. It’s easy to advance your practice when you’re not distracted by trying to keep your hands and feet from slipping.

Absorbent and quick drying

The towel can hold an amazing seven times its weight in moisture! But even after all that absorption, it still dries quickly in a tumble drier – though Youphoria recommends hanging the towel to dry to retain its gripping properties.

The Youphoria yoga towel is made from 100% microfiber materials, so it’s extremely durable. The towel can be washed after every use, and a secure edge stitch ensures that it will keep its form after many cycles through the machine.


• The towel comes in a 68” or 72” length to fit both regular and long yoga mats
• Crafted from 100% microfiber
• Non-slip and skidless
• Machine washable
• Assortment of colors to choose from
• Towel will extend the life of your mat
• Reduces risk of bacteria
• Doesn’t retain odors
• Sweat marks will not leave a stain
• Wrinkle free
• Weighs one pound
• 100% satisfaction guaranteed


The Youphoria towel has received critical acclaim for its non-slip properties and competitive price point. It has received an incredible 4 out of 5 stars on with over 1,600 customer reviews, and the towel has received countless accolades across the internet.

The towel can be used in Hatha or other non-heated practices as a shawl, blanket, or mat covering, but is, as one user says, “a must have for hot yoga” for its gripping properties.

The towel performs best when damp, and many users pre-moisten it before use for ultimate traction. This, users say, “Allows hands and feet to stay where they’re supposed to.”

Users also cite exemplary customer service practices from the Youphoria company. There was a minor problem with an earlier version of the towel, where the corners of the product would curl slightly after repeated washings.

When customers contacted Youphoria about the problem, the company replaced the towels with a newer, plusher version that didn’t curl at the corners.

Available in beautiful colors


The Youphoria yoga towel is an excellent product that will help yoga students and teachers alike keep their hands and feet on the ground. The competitive price point can simply not be beaten. That, along with the company’s 100% satisfaction guarantee, means giving this towel a try is ultimately a risk-free decision.

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